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Full body massage Paris 16

I receive you to my office situated in :

 41 - 49 rue de Passy 75016 Paris
Métro Passy - ligne 6

Contact : 

Pierre Meunier : 06 33 07 67 48
Mail :

We live in a more and more supported rhythm and the current life can bring to appear even various psychological disorders(confusions) as the stress, the nervousness, 
the anxiety.
Without a real moment of relaxation, it turns out impossible to put an end to these inconveniences. 
The relaxing massage establishes(constitutes) an effective alternative to eliminate the depression and the stress by supplying relaxation and relaxation.
Our body accumulates then toxic energies, which show themselves by muscle pains, insomnias, difficulties in the digestion even depressive syndromes.

To allow the body to loosen, the relaxing massage acts on all which trains(forms) the human being:
He(It) solves(undoes) knots, muscular and articular tensions, so eliminating toxin at the origin of So eliminating toxin at the origin of the depressions.

Once the tensions were dissipated, the body relaxes, muscles and joints(articulations) find their flexibility.
The stomach is massed(massaged) in depth as well as the trunk and the upper limbs and the back. The acupressure accompany the relaxing massage.

The session ends by a soft and progressive stretching.

After every massage the fatigue disparait and get a real well-being.